Best First Lines For Black Girls on Tinder

  1. “They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single swipe right.”
    • This play on a well-known proverb suggests a sense of adventure and readiness for a new beginning.
  2. “If you appreciate the art of spoken word as much as I do, we might just harmonize.”
    • This taps into a cultural appreciation that may resonate and offers a common ground for connection.
  3. “Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for.”
    • A classic with a tech twist that’s light-hearted and complimentary.
  4. “Just like Solange knows, I’m all about a seat at the table. Care to join me for a chat?”
    • References a popular black artist and suggests an open, inclusive conversation.
  5. “As a lover of jazz and joy, I’m wondering if your playlist matches your smile?”
    • Connects a love of music with a compliment, indicating a desire to learn more about them.
  6. “Are you into Afrofuturism? Because I’m feeling a connection that’s out of this world.”
    • Engages a specific cultural interest and adds a touch of humor.
  7. “If we were both characters in a rom-com, do you think we’d be the ones the audience is rooting for?”
    • This line is playful and immediately invites the other person to engage in a creative and light-hearted scenario.
  8. “I’ve got the grace of Misty Copeland and the energy of Serena Williams – ready for our first match?”
    • Evokes imagery of prominent black female role models and suggests a playful challenge.
  9. “Swipe right if you agree: The perfect date starts with a farmers market and ends with poetry.”
    • Sets a scene that is both specific and inviting, appealing to those who enjoy similar activities.
  10. “Let’s raise the stakes: Truth or dare, or if you’re brave, share your favorite meme.”
    • This is engaging and fun, suggesting an immediate shared activity.
  11. “Does your heart also beat to the rhythm of Afrobeats, or are we more of a classic R&B duet?”
    • This establishes a common interest in music and prompts a conversation about personal tastes.
  12. “As an expert in unforgettable conversations, I’m offering you a free trial session. What’s your topic?”
    • Confidence shines through here, and it offers an open-ended question to start the dialogue.
  13. “A wise woman once said, ‘Flawless,’ and I’m looking for someone who gets the reference.”
    • References Beyoncé’s popular song, indicating cultural engagement and confidence.
  14. “Imagine we’re both in an episode of ‘Insecure.’ Would you be team Lawrence or team Issa?”
    • A pop culture reference that can reveal a lot about the other person’s perspectives or sense of humor.
  15. “Swipe right and I’ll share the secret to the perfect homemade sweet potato pie.”
    • This implies a cultural connection, offers a family or personal secret, and invites further interaction.