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💪 Get 20+ pics of you with abs.

✨ Use pics as motivation for the gym

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🔒 Your data deleted after 24 hours

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The abs speaks for themselves. We trained the data for a few minutes, and wah-la.
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/ per shoot

  • 💪 Get 20+ pics of you with abs.
  • 🔥 Spice up your Tinder/Hinge game
  • 🍷 More Matches, More Dates.
  • ✨ Use pics as motivation for the gym
  • 🔒 Your data deleted after 24 hours

You got questions? We have answers..

What do you do with the pictures after I upload them?

Great question. After you upload your picture, we use the pictures to train our custom AI model. After we train the model, we use it to generate your custom abs pictures. Immediately after we send you the custom pictures, we delete the pictures from our servers.

How long will it take to receive my abs pictures?

We are ramping up our servers to handle the demand. But you can estimate around 2-3 hours for your pictures to arrive after you upload them!

Who owns the pictures that are generated?

You own the pictures that are generated. You may use them however you wish, commercial or non-commercial.

What photo formats do you accept?

At the moment, we allow users to upload images in JPG, PNG, WebP, HEIC, JFIF, TIFF, and RAW formats. However, we do not currently support AVIF or GIF formats.

Can I get a refund?

As soon as you upload your photos, we immediately begin training our AI using them, which incurs significant costs. For this reason, we are unable to offer refunds once this process has begun.

Is my payment secure?

We use Stripe to handle all financial processing, which means we never store any information about your card. Furthermore, Stripe adheres to top-notch security standards that are on par with those of banks.